About the Source of Power trilogy
When Vincent sees an object streak across the sky and crash in the nearby forest, he has no idea that a strange and epic adventure awaits him in another world, where the line between magic and technology has been blurred.

In the Free Kingdoms on the planet Entori; the royals are desperate to defend themselves and their kingdoms against the aggressive Taran Empire. A full attack from The Tarans would leave The Free Kingdoms chanceless, unless they can find the legendary city of Anzoria, which is said to contain a weapon of immense power.

In the milky way galaxy; the ruthless corporation Aterion Industries and their plans for domination are only held back by the Intergalactic Trade Council. The council was formed as an alliance between multiple governments and authorities to keep companies like Aterion Industries from gaining too much power, and they have succeeded at keeping them in check for some time. But when a previously unknown alien race starts attacking the human worlds; Aterion might be the only ones with a military power strong enough to counter the alien threat.

Source of Power follows two major storylines, split into the point of view of the main characters whose fates are bound together by an ancient mysterious half magical, half technological power source.

Vincent’s story starts when he suddenly gets thrown into a strange world where powerful technology and magic all stem from the same SOURCE. 
The planet; Entori was once home to a powerful race; the Hizena. No one knows what happened to them, but they left behind weapons and artefacts all over the planet from their time there. These artefacts are all powered by crystals of immense power.
Vincent ends up in the Free Kingdoms, who are under constant threat from the more powerful Taran Empire to the north. Here he meets Eria; a young SOURCE mechanic and together they set out to search for the ancient city of the Hizena; Anzoria, in the hopes of finding a weapon powerful enough to protect themselves against the Taran aggression.

Malkreth sets out together with the captain and the crew on a delivery spaceship to secretly transport Queen Anexia of Daruna to Earth for a meeting to save her planet from Aterion Industries who wishes to experiment on her people and steal their powers. While on the way to Earth; he starts to develop amazing powers and tries to understand them, all while he also develops feelings for the queen.

Revica Aterion: 
Daughter of Kerian Aterion; CEO of Aterion Industries, which is the largest and most powerful company in the known universe.

Priestess in the order of the balance: An order which has sworn to guard the world from an Ancient god, while using his powers to stop anyone from releasing him.

Themos Lighthammer: 
A general in the Free Kingdoms army, forced to set out on a mission he does not believe in.

What was the inspiration for the story?
First and foremost; classical Japanese role-playing games, like Final Fantasy, Seiken Densetsu, Star Ocean and Chrono Trigger to name a few. Later on, I have found inspiration in modern action adventure games like Uncharted, and space opera games like Mass Effect. Many of the characters in the book are a mix between myself and people close to me, but also characters from the games.
There are of course several other influences for the story, but the classical JRPGs are the biggest of them. The Source of Power trilogy was originally intended to be a computer or video game but making a game that large by yourself, was a too large undertaking for me to manage. Now, I am not saying that writing a book is in any way easier, but it is far less time consuming.

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