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Space Opera with elements of Epic Fantasy, following both heroes and villains in a universe where the line between magic and technology has been blurred.
This is an epic adventure, filled with action, humor, romance, friendship, and characters that are thrown into impossible situations where they are forced to become something they never thought they could.

The planet Entori
In the Free Kingdoms on the planet Entori, the royals are desperate to defend themselves and their kingdoms against the aggressive Taran Empire. A full attack from The Tarans would leave The Free Kingdoms chanceless, unless they can find the legendary city of Anzoria, which is said to contain a weapon of immense power.

Milky Way galaxy
In the milky way galaxy, the ruthless corporation Aterion Industries and their plans for domination are only held back by the Intergalactic Trade Council. The council was formed as an alliance between multiple governments and authorities to keep companies like Aterion Industries from gaining too much power, and they have succeeded at keeping them in check for some time. But when a previously unknown alien race starts attacking the human worlds; Aterion might be the only ones with a military power strong enough to counter the alien threat.

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