Eria Zeunze
Eria lives with her father; Harel Zeunze at Blinzmore castle where she also works with SOURCE salvage and repairs for the Zholand area.
Close to Blinzmore village is the mysterious Ondermael forest, where several people have gone missing over the years, and the locals are afraid to enter it.
When Eria was just a young girl, her mother was one of the first people to disappear in the forest. Eria and Harel have done all they can to findout what happened to Eria’s mother and why people keep disappearing in the forest, but they have not managed to get any answers.
Eria’s passion is SOURCE technology and machinery, a trait she inherited from her mother, who was also working as a SOURCE mechanic during the war.
When Vincent suddenly falls into her world, she wants to help him and takes him to the great library in Freun. There they might find more information about how Vincent got transported to her world, and if there is a way for him to travel home again.