Queen Anexia
of Daruna
Anexia is the current queen of the planet Daruna. 
Daruna is a planet of people with amazing abilities, and they are the target of Aterion Industries who conducts illegal experimentation on the Darunians to extract or synthesize their power for Aterion’s mercenary armies’ soldiers.
Anexia became queen relatively recently when her father died in the Darunian war against Aterion Industries.
Anexia sets out to request aid in protecting her planet and its people. The trip is long with many dangers along the way, and the Aterion threat means she must travel incognito to avoid capture.
As with most people on her planet, she has powers beyond ordinary humans. Her specific power is to sense the intent and potential of people she meets.
She gladly shares her feelings, and thanks to her powers her emotions are often amplified.